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By pressing the device button for 3 seconds, until you see 3 red flashes
By pressing the device button for 3 seconds, until you see 3 green flashes
By clicking on the device, it will flash 3 times: red if turned off, green if turned on.
"Kippy works in all of Europe, Turkey, India and South Africa where there is a GSM network: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom."
"No, the Kippy SIM has technical characteristics that make it unique and irreplaceable with other SIMS. Also, the Kippy SIM cannot be used in mobile phones."
Kippy has an unlimited range of action under the tracking service cover in Europe, India, South Africa and Turkey (if the area is covered by a GSM network) thanks to GPS technology. The distance between the Kippy and you is irrelevant.
"Kippy works throughout Europe, South Africa, Turkey and India at no additional cost to that of the data package The cost of using the Internet service from your smartphone depends on your charges plan with your mobile provider."
Kippy will not work and will not enter roaming.
The battery duration varies according to several factors, including 2G phone coverage, GPS satellite cover, weather, Update Frequency time set in the App, the functions used and so on. The Kippy Finder battery last up to 7 days in default mode.
Try using a 2.0A transformer at least, and use a wall socket. If the problem continues, contact Customer Service.
By pressing the button for about 12 seconds. Wait for the orange light to turn off. After that, turn on the device.
By using the mini USB provided.
The device is connected to the Server.
The device is searching for a GSM connection (2G)
The device is searching for a GPS signal (tracking).
The device is in Live Tracking.
For the device to pick up the GPS signal, it must be outdoors where the sky can be seen. If it is cloudy, it may take more time for the first fixing.
GPS capture time depends on several factors, including weather and battery level. It may take some minutes outdoors (5-8 minutes).
No, Kippy like a smartphone, needs data coverage to work.
No, the emissions are much lower than the legal limits: the device is not harmful for animals.
Yes, but the activity data cannot be accurate in this case.
Kippy works on cats that weigh more than 5 kg.
Kippy works on pets (cats dogs) that weigh more than 5 kg
Kippy has been designed for pets, even the liveliest ones. The device is knock resistant and rain, puddle and rapid dip proof at limited depth, as long as the USB port is closed correctly. It is not recommended to leave Kippy in contact with water and other liquids for long periods, however.
The firmware is the "programme" inside the device.
The firmware updates automatically when the device is charging and an updated version is available.
Kippy FINDER dimensions are 6.1X4.4X2.7 cm