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Check that you have received the tracking number from the Courier by mail in order to follow the delivery, otherwise contact us by communicating your order number.

If you do not remember your password you can request a temporary access code to access the App and set it again. Click on "forgot your password" on the login page, it will be sent to your email

It is possible to monitor Kippy from different phones (Android and iOS) it is necessary to download the application for free for each single device and log in with the credentials saved during registration.

You can check that the registered email address has been confirmed directly from the App-> User Profile-> Management.

It is possible to buy the Kippy Evo spare parts kit containing two velcros + a charging cable on our website and on Amazon.

Access the APP MENU (at the bottom on the right) -> PET PROFILE -> REPLACE KIPPY by entering the ID code (5 digits) found on the back of the device.

- To activate the service package, download the APP, proceed with registration and access the service packages section and select the one that best suits your needs.

- Renewal: The service package for Kippy is automatically renewed unless canceled within 48 hours from the expiry date, all data relating to your Kippy are visible in the Application.


There are 4 service packages:

Basic € 7.99 / month*

Premium € 59.99 / 1 year

Ultimate € 99.99 / 2 years

Supreme 199.99 € / 5 years

* The BASIC package needs a commitment of at least 4 months . In the event of an early withdrawal a Fee of Early Termination will be applied. This will be calculated on the number of months that are left to reach the minimum period required.

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