Service Package

After purchasing a Kippy, in order to be able to use it, you need to choose a service package from the following:

  • BASIC monthly package € 10.99*
  • PREMIUM annual package € 69.99 (5.83 / month)
  • ULTIMATE 2 year package € 99.99 (4.16 / month)
  • SUPREME 5 year package € 199.99 (3.33 / month)

The service package will allow you to use your Kippy:

  • Unlimited distance across Europe, UK and South Africa
  • Without changes in costs throughout Europe, UK and South Africa
  • To see your Pet on different smartphones (all must have downloaded the APP and logged in with the same credentials)
Note: It is possible to see more animals on the same APP, in this case each Kippy must have an active service package. We remind you that you can control and manage your service independently within your Pet profile - Service package. The service package you have chosen is automatically renewed upon expiration, unless canceled (manageable by the application) which must take place within 48 hours before the expiration date.

* The BASIC package needs a commitment of at least 4 months . In the event of an early withdrawal a Fee of Early Termination will be applied. This will be calculated on the number of months that are left to reach the minimum period required.