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No, Kippy like a smartphone, needs data coverage to work.
No, the emissions are much lower than the legal limits: the device is not harmful for animals.
Yes, but the activity data cannot be accurate in this case.
Kippy works on cats that weigh more than 5 kg.
Kippy works on pets (cats dogs) that weigh more than 5 kg
Kippy has been designed for pets, even the liveliest ones. The device is knock resistant and rain, puddle and rapid dip proof at limited depth, as long as the USB port is closed correctly. It is not recommended to leave Kippy in contact with water and other liquids for long periods, however.
The firmware is the "programme" inside the device.
The firmware updates automatically when the device is charging and an updated version is available.
Kippy VITA dimensions are 6.1X4.4X2.7 cm