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You can download the Kippy app for iPhone and iPad available on App Store and for Android™ tablets and smartphones on Google Play, free of charge.
The Kippy app is free of charge
If you have forgotten your password, we will provide you with a temporary one to use to access the App, to then set a new password.
By pressing the "Live" button in the “Map” area
They normally update every 3 seconds, if the GPS or GSM signal is missing, they may update more slowly.
The device checks if the pet is inside the area signalled as safe. When the pet is outside the area, it sends a notification to the phone and activates the Live Tracking function to help find the pet if he has escaped.
Yes, but you can only activate one at a time.
It must be a minimum of 30 metres and the angles of the hexagon must be convex.
The battery level refers to the last time it was updated. If the device does not communicate punctually as planned, it may be in an area with no coverage or the battery may need charging.
Open the app and go to the Settings section, select the pet you are replacing the device for and follow the steps for replacement, entering the new serial number.
You can share Vita messages on the main social networks. Enter the Life section, choose the message you like most, click on “share” and show your friends your four-legged friend’s abilities.
There are different types of Vita messages and are sent with different frequencies. Tips and advice messages for your pet's wellbeing are sent every 4/6 days.
Kippy VITA/VITA S are no longer available for sale. If you already have a Kippy Vita, you can continue to use it with the application, activating a servic
Puoi contattare il nostro centro assistenza sul sito via chat o al customercare@kippypet.eu
You must contact VODAFONE customer service in your own country.