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By pressing the "Live" button in the “Map” area
They normally update every 3 seconds, if the GPS or GSM signal is missing, it may update more slowly. With WI-FI locating, it is updated every minute.
The device checks if the pet is inside the area signalled as safe. When the pet is outside the area, it sends a notification to the phone and activates the Live Tracking function to help find the pet if he has escaped.
Yes, but you can only activate one at a time.
It must be a minimum of 30 metres and the angles of the hexagon must be convex.
To use the Safe Place function, several Wi-Fi networks are required in the area.
The battery level refers to the last time it was updated. If the device does not communicate punctually as planned, it may be in an area with no coverage or the battery may need charging.
This may depend on obstacles that are between the phone and the device, for example walls,trees and bushes.
Open the app and go to the Settings section, select the pet you are replacing the device for and follow the steps for replacement, entering the new serial number.
Physical exercise is calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on data from the accelerometer and gyroscope inside the Kippy. Find out more on our website www.kippy.eu
"If you animal never reaches his goal, it may be that the Kippy is not always turned on and attached to your pet's collar. To have the most accurate data possible, make sure that Kippy is always on his collar! If Kippy is registering all your pet's activities but goals are still not achieved, it may be necessary to change his profile, from normal to quiet."
The exercise data are synchronised with the App every hour. For example, if you walk your pet between 08:00 and 08:40, you will see the data in the App from 9 o’clock.
The exercise data are updated every hour. Instead, when in Live Bluetooth, data synchronisation will take place in real time.
Your pet's exercise goal is personalised based on type, age and gender. Another factor that affects your pet's goal is his character; character can be chosen by you in the “change profile” section, on the “similar animals” page for exercise. For example, if you know that your pet is very active, you can say he is sporty, thus increasing the goal to be achieved.
You can share Life messages on the main social networks. Enter the Life section, choose the message you like most, click on “share” and show your friends your four-legged friend’s abilities.
There are different types of Vita messages and are sent with different frequencies. Tips and advice messages for your pet's wellbeing are sent every 4/6 days; you will receive status messages when your pet carries out certain physical activities at specific times of the day; weekly goal messages are sent at the weekend, so you will know if your 4-legged friend has had enough exercise to maintain his wellbeing!