Technical Specifications


  • Weight: Kippy EVO weighs 38 grams
  • Measurements: Kippy EVO measures 5.5cm wide, 3.7cm high and 2.2cm thick.
  • Note: recommended for dogs and cats over 4kg in weight
  • Used Technologies:
  • - GPS
    - Bluetooth
    - WIFI
    - LBS
  • Battery life: from 7 to 10 days (depends on the use made of it).
  • Water resistance: Kippy EVO is IP67 waterproof and withstands submersion up to 1 m depth for 30 minutes
24 months warranty

  • Weight: Kippy VITA S PLUS weighs 48 grams
  • Measurements: Kippy VITA S PLUS is 6 cm wide, 4.5 cm high and 2.7 cm thick.
  • Note: Recommended for dogs and cats from 5kg
  • Technologies: GPS and LBS
  • Battery life: 3-4 days
  • Waterproofing: Kippy VITA S PLUS is resistant to rain, puddles and splashes of water (it does not resist immersion).
24 months warranty